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Bra Fitting 101. This changed my life

Ladies of Tumblr, do yourself a huge favor and watch this video. Your lives will change for the better.

i wore a B cup forever and was in a stripclub one night and got scolded by the dancers who said honey no you are a D. 

went to lane bryant, got measured like the beginning of this video and was told I was DD almost DDD. 

so now I wonder what I *ACTUALLY* am. 

For those who don’t have the time or inclination to watch the full 1/4 hour video, here’s the succinct version:

ONCE YOU HAVE THESE TWO MEASUREMENTS, find the difference. For argument’s sake, if the band measures 30” and the cup measures 36”, the difference is 6”. Then use the following chart to find your cup size:

Congrats, now you have your bra size. A few tips about fit:

  • The band of the bra shouldn’t ride up your back. If it does, it’s too big.
  • Use the loosest hooks when you first start wearing it, so that when the elasticity starts to fail, you can tighten the band using the other hooks. Again, if the loosest hooks are too loose, go down a band size.
  • The cups and underwire should support your breasts, not squish them. If there’s any bulging going on anywhere around the cup, try going up a cup size.
  • The gore (the part of the bra that joins the cups) ABSOLUTELY MUST sit firmly against your sternum. If it doesn’t, then the cups are too small.

SO that’s the cutdown, but you should still give the video a watch if you have time, she mentions lots of great places to shop and demonstrates the difference between well- and ill-fitted bras.

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